As grassroots activists fighting for nature and against corruption we need help to finance our battles through independent sources. Every little bit helps. We give you a promise that we will be determined and creative river defenders.

  • Turns two people away from hydropower as a perfect ‘green’ solution.

  • Assists with costs and materials for events and actions.

  • Helps BRD remain grassroots with no outside influence obstructing creativity.

  • All donations, big and small mean we can continue to fight for rivers!

As a small initiative we depend on help from independent sources to keep the fight for nature and against corruption going. This is why we are saying a honest thank you to every one of you contributing to the cause and enabling us to plan ahead.

Let’s show the world there is more value in free flowing rivers and pristine ecosystems than there is in concrete and harmful hydropower.

  • It is like buying the BRD team a beer or coffee while they are on the road defending rivers.

  • Turns two people away from hydropower as a perfect green solution.

  • Helps BRD remain grassroots; for the people, by the people with no outside influence dictating actions or obstructing creativity.

  • Whatever you can give helps us in the fight. All donations, big and small means we can continue to fight for rivers!

You don’t need to be a business from the Balkans to support BRD. If you and your business value wild places and free-flowing rivers, want to fight greed, corruption and environmental degradation, then connecting your business with BRD shows dedication to the cause.

Stand up for our rivers and join the BRD 500 Club by donation monthly or annually (42 EUR/month or 500 EUR in one lump sum). By linking your business to BRD you become a part of the network of river defenders that are working on the ground to save free-flowing rivers. Your business and employees can get involved by signing up for our newsletter, and your business will be kept up to date with our latest actions and battles. You will also have the option to have your business name and logo displayed on the BRD webpage as 500+ supporters.

Please send us an email to to speak directly to us about setting up a business donation via a donation contract, so you can use the sum donated as tax deductibe.

    A small commitment monthly for a big effect throughout the year.

    A lump sum of 500 EUR enables us to plan our actions in advance.

    Give what you can, your generosity fuels our river defence. And remember, it’s tax deductible.

You can also donate by tranfering funds directly to our bank account.

Bank details:

Leeway collective,
Institute for promotion and protection of aquatic ecosystems
Zgornja Lipnica 24 a
4246 Kamna Gorica
Slovenia, EU

IBAN: SI56 6100 0001 2315 855
Bank: Delavska hranilnica d.d.

Subject: Donation

VAT: 28878400
Reg. nr.: 6967523000

Thank you!


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