River Intellectuals

It is time to link up with the next generation of scientists and conservationists! Professors, students and research-hungry folks alike; this page is for you. The Balkans has the potential to become a significant scientific hub. We want to connect university professors and students to the region as a way to examine the impacts of hydropower and find integrated and long-lasting solutions. Read about our growing network below and download the .pdf at the end of the page so you can discuss and share ideas with classmates, professors and mentors.

River Intellectuals Network

River Intellectuals is a growing network of students and professors that see more value in the free-flowing rivers than only kilowatts. Each working on their own discipline, their combined story shows the widespread impacts that dams can have. The network enables students to understand the bigger picture, learning from peers from different disciplines. The goal of the network is to exchange ideas that will have an impact on preserving wild, free-flowing rivers. Disciplines involved range from Water Management to Anthropology and from Political Sciences to Tourism. An unsolved question in one research field can lead to an answer in another field. Scroll down to meet our first River Intellectuals!

The network is supported by professors from the Balkans as well as from universities around Europe. They will soon be introduced on the page below.

Spread the story

The academic world is often seen as a world of its own. Conclusions and findings from research are barely accessible to the wider public, as they are published primarily in scientific papers that are stored in expensive, online journals. We want to get the stories out so that people and decision makers are better informed. By sharing the stories of our river intellectuals, the complex world of rivers and dams becomes more understandable. Keep track of this page, as soon it will start to fill up with stories of our River Intellectuals.

Want to be a River Intellectual?

Do you want your research to have an impact? Through our network, you can find a relevant topic and get connected to local universities, NGOs and local communities. You will exchange ideas with students from different disciplines that all have the same goal: to protect the wilderness.

If you identify with this goal, please get in touch with Vera, River Intellectuals Coordinator – vera@balkanriverdefence.org.

Students for Rivers Camp

We strongly believe in a future where a balance between energy supply and the conservation of the last free-flowing rivers of Europe is possible. Our goal is to empower youth to become active leaders in this change and let their passion for nature be the driving force for the creation of actual sustainable energy solutions in the Balkans.

The ‘Students for Rivers Camp’ is a week long gathering of students from the Balkans and other European countries. In small project groups, participants will develop creative and courageous initiatives and thereby, learn entrepreneurial skills while working in multidisciplinary teams. During the week, background knowledge will be provided by expert lecturers. An overnight river experience is the highlight, where outdoor skills will be gained and ideas created, well away from the everyday online world.

This camp is the launch of the ‘River Intellectuals Network’, a community of students and experts that support each other, work together, provide research exchange and give an empowered feeling – everyone can contribute now and in the future.

Camp Dates + Location

July 7 – 13,  2019 | Kobarid, Slovenia

Full Project Summary

Students for Rivers Project Summary-2

Get involved! 

Download the .pdf River Intellectuals Brochure and get discuss ideas with your fellow students.  For all further information contact our Vera, River Intellectuals Coordinator and M.Sc. in Hydraulic Engineering. Vera Knook T: +31 (0) 6 125 24 381 E: vera@balkanriverdefence.org


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