River Intellectuals

It is time to link up with the next generation of scientists and conservationists! Professors, students and research-hungry folks alike; this page is for you. The Balkans has the potential to become a significant scientific hub. We want to connect university professors and students to the region as a way to examine the impacts of hydropower and find integrated and long-lasting solutions. Read about our growing network below and download the .pdf at the end of the page so you can discuss and share ideas with classmates, professors and mentors.

River Intellectuals Blog

Our River Intellectuals come from different fields of study, but all have a common goal; protect the free-flowing rivers of the Balkans from unnecessary hydropower development. This blog collects stories of how River Intellectuals are putting their knowledge into action. Have a read and learn about the wide range of impacts and solutions! Feeling inspired? Get involved yourself!



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