River Intellectuals

It is time to link up with the next generation of scientists and conservationists! Professors, students and research-hungry folks alike; this page is for you. We want to connect university professors and students to the region as a way to examine the impacts of hydropower and find integrated and long-lasting solutions.

River Intellectuals Network
River Intellectuals is a growing network of students and professors that see more value in the free-flowing rivers than only kilowatts. Each working on their own discipline, their combined story shows the widespread impacts that dams can have. The network enables students to understand the bigger picture, learning from peers from different disciplines. The goal of the network is to exchange ideas that will have an impact on preserving wild, free-flowing rivers. Disciplines involved range from Water Management to Anthropology and from Political Sciences to Tourism. An unsolved question in one research field can lead to an answer in another field. Scroll down to meet our first River Intellectuals!!

The network is supported by professors from the Balkans as well as from universities around Europe. They will soon be introduced on the page below.

Sharing Info and Ideas
The academic world is often seen as a world of its own. Conclusions and findings from research are barely accessible to the wider public, as they are published primarily in scientific papers that are stored in expensive, online journals. We want to get the stories out so that people and decision makers are better informed. By sharing the stories of our River Intellectuals, the complex world of rivers and dams becomes more understandable.

Become a River Intellectual
Do you want your research to have an impact? Through our network, you can find a relevant topic and get connected to local universities, NGOs and local communities. You will exchange ideas with students from different disciplines that all have the same goal: to protect the wilderness.



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