1. Pick your river
Which river is your home river? Or which river connects you with the most memories? Which river would hurt most to see flooded by a reservoir? With the answer in your head chew on it for few days…

 2. Gather information
The internet is a powerful tool, but so is local gossip (and you can enjoy a beer while checking either of them). Do some research, gather information. Put it down in your notebook. Discuss it with your friends; those who like rivers and those who like dams.

3. Create a community
This project can become your favourite past time activity, it might start of as a hobby or a reason to go to local pub and give those beers a reason…but it might end up being a mission!

 4. Organize events
Once you have a few friends helping, distribute work and start raising awareness, locally at first. Make a speech in a pub, then in a local hall, then municipality hall. Invite as many people as you can and make sure that your presentation is fun, not boring. Make it entertaining and engaging with some solid facts on the situation your river is currently facing. Share ideas, brainstorm, invite people to join in and contribute their skills. Ask a local band to give a little concert after the presentation; all big and overwhelming things become more doable with some positive vibes and dancing. Invite media to share the message with many more. Use social media!

5. Save the river
Now the real thing starts. Direct action. This can mean establishing registered NGO or connecting with an existing regional NGO. It can be creating a formal, local initiative, filing a law suit against those proposing the dam, or organizing a creative action (a flash mob, a protest, a public gathering). Or better yet, all of the above!

You can call it a process or a battle. It might take 5 months or 5 years. There might be big ups and downs. Just try to always have fun and never lose hope of good intention wining over greed and unnecessary destruction.

6. Make Party!
When you have a success, make sure you share all the happiness, joy and exhilaration in a big party! Thank yourself, your friends and supporters and mama Earth for your efforts. You can even throw annual party to remember what you have done as a community. It is important to enjoy in good things! For the rivers!