Balkan Rivers Tour 4 has a new formula! The first three tours were completed as one big, month-long event, so we have decided to change the concept and split the action into 3 separate weeks. The reasons for it are to make it easier for you to join in, to make it more manageable for us and especially to provide more support to locals fighting their fight.

We won’t be changing the location every day anymore, instead we will set a basecamp for each week and use it as a place where we all sleep, eat, network, develop a river defence plan and hang around. Each morning we will get out on a nearby river to either kayak or fly fish (hiking and biking too) and then return to basecamp to have lunch followed by a set of workshops for local activists and tour participants. The last day of each week is reserved for flotilla followed by a solid party.

Week 1 – Romania: April 15th – 20th was a blast and you can check the full recap on it here.
Week 2 – Slovenia: July 7th – 13th will be the highlight of this years’ tour and you can scroll down for the full program.
Week 3 – Bulgaria: September 24th – 29th is going to be a cool autumn endeavour, so get ready for it.


FULL PROGRAM for BALKAN RIVERS TOUR 4 | Week 2: Slovenia (Soča Valley)

The Soča is a river every kayaker has either heard of or experienced. It is still wild – at least until Tolmin. It’s rapids and emerald colours are like that of dreams. The Soča Valley is also a paradise for many other adventure sports. But means even more that that to us – it is our home. And this is why this week is gonna be special. BRT on steroids if you will. For the first time we are combining BRD’s 2 biggest initiatives: Balkan Rivers Tour and River Intellectuals, Students for Rivers Camp. This week will bring together kayakers, film makers, river activists, musicians, intellectuals, artists, students and professors from all over the word. We will put them (you) in a boat, behind the table, in a lecture room and at the bar together and see what they (we) can come up with in order to keep these stunning rivers free flowing. And, even more than that…how to make them free running again…

Thank you to everyone who registered online…you are helping our transition from hippy style to spreadsheets easier!  Now, get ready for a full on 7 days with all accommodation costs and food (3 meals per day)!

For all the info on the program check and even download spreadsheet below.
For full BRT4 Film Festival program click here.
For info on Students for Rivers Camp click here.
For all super specific questions send us an email at gro.e1562243279cnefe1562243279drevi1562243279rnakl1562243279ab@of1562243279ni1562243279 and we will do our best to reply asap.

See y’all at the BRT 4 | Week 2: Slovenia in the Soča Valley!



And…during BRT4’s week in Slovenia, we get to celebrate Balkan rivers with people protesting and partying for rivers all over the Balkans – from Montenegro to Kosovo, North-Macedonia to Greece. The Save the Blue Heart of Europe campaign led by RiverWatch and EuroNatur are putting the spotlight on the effects HPPs have on local communities. They want to shift the attention from impacts on nature to impacts on people and raise awareness about the social costs of hydropower and to give dam-affected people in the Balkan countries a voice and a face.
Check out the action here: Action Weeks for Balkan Rivers – July 6-16th