It is time to mark your calendars and save the dates for Balkan Rivers Tour 4.

Romania: April 15th – 20th
Slovenia: July 7th – 13th
Bulgaria: September 24th – 29th

The first three tours were completed as one big, month-long event, so we have decided to change the concept and split the action into 3 separate weeks. Why? To make it easier for you to join in, to make it more manageable for us and especially to provide more support to locals fighting their fight.

We won’t be changing the location every day anymore, instead we will set a basecamp for each week and use it as a place where we all sleep, eat, network, develop a river defence plan and hang around. Each morning we will get out on a nearby river to either kayak or fly fish (hiking and biking too) and then return to basecamp to have lunch followed by a set of workshops for local activists and tour participants. Workshop topics will include direct action, legal process, fundraising and getting the message across, each led by experts from the field. The last day of each week is reserved for flotilla followed by a solid party.

Here are all the details you need about BRT4 week 1: Romania! If you have really specific questions you can reach us at gro.e1552942227cnefe1552942227drevi1552942227rnakl1552942227ab@of1552942227ni1552942227 and we will do our best to reply asap. See you where the rivers still run wild and people are still warm and open hearted!