After one week in Greece, it feels like we have seen only a fraction of the snow and whitewater that the Pindus Mountains have to offer. Full days were spent exploring and ski touring in the Lakmos and Smolikas Mountains. We found tons of late season snow and a combination of stunning/challenging terrain and mellow turns.

We paddled deep into the gorges of the Voidomatis, walked beside the construction site of new dam on the Metsovitikos and portaged over an old, abandoned dam on the Aoos. Slowing down to wade into the green water of the remote canyons of the Arachthos and Kalaritkos to fly fish, we have further confirmed our belief that the geology and ecology of the rivers of northern Greece are a paradise for fly fishing.

The people, the geography, the food and the culture have the whole BRT team feeling a new connection and love for Greece. With sunburnt and wind bunt faces and a trunk full of wet kayak and ski gear, we head into Albania in search of more Balkan magic.