The protest, which took place on Friday 28 August in Ljubljana, proved once again that caring for nature, the environment and health is what unites us and bridges the artificial gaps between Slovenian communities. It connected many environmental organizations and initiatives with organization fighting for social rights.

More than 5,000 people gathered at the protest and clearly expressed their disagreement with the newly proposed construction law. We oppose:

– re-attempt to include new articles in the current legislation so that big infrastructural project can be built without a valid building permit, at the investor’s own risk;
– loosening safeguards during construction and enabling new legalizations;
– imposing significantly stricter or totally restrictive conditions for NGOs for their side participation in the procedures for obtaining an integrated building permit (for very large interventions in environment)
– the fact that the proposed law allows for huge warehouses, which should be set up next to the facilities that the investor already has set up for 3 years. These warehouses will then most likely remain exactly where they will be placed after the deadline.

The protest also resonated in the media:

Together against exploitation and for a better tomorrow! Well done to all for the determination.

Photo: Črt Piksi