Like everyone and everything we are also facing evolution. 2018 will be a big year for Balkan rivers and for us. We are turning a page in what is now becoming a thick book with new name that gives much better insight and explanation into what we are all about. Here is a little interpretation on why and how:

We started Balkan Rivers Tour flying by the seat of our pants. What took off as a crazy idea turned into the biggest (and most fun) river conservation action in Europe. We started by touring the Balkans to raise awareness about the stunning, wild rivers that call the Balkan Peninsula home. We paddled, partied and played along the way meeting locals, people deeply connected to these rivers for hundreds of years and many generations. After two years and two tours, BRT has evolved past just a ‘tour’ and has turned into a movement. A movement in defence of wild rivers. It’s time to take on a new name, but to carry on the same mission; defending wild rivers of Balkans.

Which is why we are changing our name to BALKAN RIVER DEFENCE (BRD).

Balkan Rivers Tour (BRT) will still exist, but it will represent the annual paddling and protesting ‘Tour” we take through the Balkans. BRD is the group; the family, the hand. BRT is the event; the party, the megaphone.