After a year of travelling the world trough festivals (33 festivals in 27 countries, 10 awards), screening on a Slovenian national television and many events in the Balkans, The Undamaged is now hitting the world wide web.

Follow the Balkan Rivers Tour 1, a rowdy crew of whitewater kayakers, filmers, photographers and friends who decided to stand up for the rivers, travelling from Slovenia to Albania for 36 days, kayaking 23 rivers in 6 countries to protest the dams and show the world the secret, wild rivers of the Balkans. The film honours everyday people and local activists who are fighting to defend rivers and aims to spread the word of the plight of these rivers, showing a new style of nature conservation that fun, energetic and effective.

Now available on Vimeo On Demand with subtitles in 11 languages. Rent it or buy it, support the movement and enjoy the show.