“Experiencing this amazing valley on skis, in waders and in a kayak brings you closer to nature and realization how complete she is. Valbona river is the vein of the valley, the essence, as she transports all information from the highest of peaks to the lush forests right at the bottom of it. She makes sure the cycle keeps on going like it was in the last millions of years. Local people have always acknowledged that in many legends and cherished her flows but now new age of money dwelling leaders set their feet in this eden, trying to take advantage of this same invigorating flow. It is time to raise our voice and take a stand for what is right!” Rok Rozman

Bulldozers invade paradise. Backed by current Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, decision makers are skipping laws and policy, going straight to clear cutting the pristine riverside forest and blasting banks with dynamite. These big fellas are ignoring the resistance inside Valbona Valley National Park, appetites set on big profits with small hydropower plants. Take a moment and imagine this was happening in your backyard; what would you do? If the answer is act, then add yourvoice. Together we have to be the voice of the river. Tell Edi Rama what you think on Facebook, and Twitter. Voice your opinion. Put pressure on the Albanian government to halt construction by SHARING this film and TAGGING Edi Rama and #mosmaprekvalbonen. 

The Valbona River needs your help right now. The bulldozers are running everyday. Time is not on our side, we need act now.

Donations to support the legal action against the dams can be made here

TOKA NGO donation money transfer details. If you feel like helping from far away just put in the amount you would buy a beer for!