We have brought another edition of Balkan Rivers Tour to reality. It was different than the first edition. Is was not that big, that is for sure, but it was more focused. With two river systems paddled from source to sea we showed what a river truly is. How it travels from mountains down to the sea and connects these two seemingly unconnected ecosystems.

Action on Soča exposed the negative effects of dams and it was really painful to see experience that from a kayak. On the other hand action on Morača was so invigorating; 200 kilometers in a kayak trough 2 rivers and one big lake without a single dam, well it was just amazing.

Our adventures in Dinaric Alps brought this forgotten pearl of European mountains to public and we hope many will decide to go there and enjoy its pristine vibe in next years, this way supporting local sustainable tourism and resistance against aggressive development.

All in all we did it again. With the help of all of you we managed to bring the topic of unnecessary dam craze to front pages of regional and national media, we brought people behind the same table, organized some creative protests, did lots of kayaking and on top of all we had fun doing that.

Here is Balkan Rivers Tour 2 in numbers:

Lets hold fingers crossed we can make the third edition happen in 2018!