We decided to make the third Balkan Rivers Tour special in 3 ways; to make it really big and support local initiatives more directly with focus on creative actions, travel from south towards north for the first time to finish at our homes in Slovenia and use it as a premiere tour for our fresh full length documentary The Undamaged.

With this in mind the program was full on for 32 days. We have visited 6 countries, kayaked on 9 rivers, joined forces with nearly 1.500 people from 19 countries and made 17 events with protests, flotillas and The Undamaged screenings.

The grand finale happened in Slovenia, with flotillas on rivers Mura and Sava and then on Ljubljanica that brought us right in front of the parliament building where we finished the tour with a solid creative action that resulted in getting a meeting with National Assembly president which gave all involved NGOs and initiatives a boost in direction of stopping unnecessary dam plans on the sunny side of Alps.

This was probably the most intense tour so far so words can’t give it justice, so take your time and take a look of the full gallery of photos and short videos on link bellow.

You can se media from our third tour here: