In order to carry on with the flow, Balkan Rivers Tour 2 started in March 2017 and gathered paddlers, locals, nature lovers and friends from all over the world to show their support to free flowing rivers and have good times together.

This time the action was more straightforward. We focused on two rivers; Slovenia’s Soča and Montenegro’s Morača River. We started the tour by paddling the Soča – the emerald pearl of the Alps – from it’s source in Slovenia to the Adriatic sea in Italy.

Directly following the Soča, the Balkan Rivers Tour crew dove into exploration and adventures deep in the Dinaric Alps of Greece and Albania in search of the most special valleys where it is possible to ski tour, kayak and fly fish in one day. Our aim is was to expose the huge outdoor adventure potential of this region that is still blessed with pristine nature and free flowing rivers.

We finished the tour with a 7-day group event on Morača River; one of the most pristine and untouched river catchments in Europe. We paddled the Morača from it’s source in the mountains of Montenegro into Skadar Lake, where we the crossed the lake (and into Albania) and continued on the Bojana River all the way to Adriatic Sea. This weeklong paddle was packed with numerous events and actions and ended in true BRT style with Wild Party for Wild Rivers at Ada Bojana Beach. Partying, paddling and fun, that’s what BRT 2 was all about!

You can se media from our second tour here: