June 1st marks the International day for Sava. This is why we joined forces with local kayakers & river defenders and Slovenian NGOs and civil initiatives (Lutra, DPRS, Ne jezimo Save, Za Savo, Divja Sava za vedno) that think middle and lower Sava should be left in peace for wildlife to flourish and free flowing river to provide opportunities for sustainable development. Company Sava hydro power plants wants to build up to 11 new big dams that would turn this symbolic river into a series of dead lakes. We rose paddles high and said loud no to these kind of plans and provided different ones:

Instead of proposed dams government should invest a fraction of the money intended for dams into supporting:
– a network of little eco friendly campsites along the river
– river based tourist offer; rafting, kayaking, zip line, fishing, hiking and cycling
– promotion of this incredible valley and its offer just half an hour drive from the capital city of Ljubljana (car, train or bus)

The value of this stretch of river staying free flowing is bigger than being flooded. We will work in the direction to further develop the concept and present it to decision makers.