On Wednesday, June 1, our film One for the River: The Sava Story premiered in the sold-out Kino Šiška.

Rok Rozman, addressed 420 spectators before the screening, and then we immersed ourselves in all shades of green that Sava can provide, for 84 minutes.

The documentary shows entire 251 kilometers of the Sava River in Slovenia; with its source forks Sava Dolinka and Sava Bohinjka. On the eleven-day expedition, the film crew accompanied four kayakers (Carmen Kuntz, Branko Djoković, Bor Mihelič and Rok Rozman) on their way between Podkoren and Bohinj and Jesenice na Dolenjskem. The documentary covers many of their adventures, water sampling for environmental DNA research and an inventory of aquatic bird species, but the primacy is always held by Sava, who tells her story through the voice of Sabina Kogovšek.

Along the way, the team gets to know many layers of this special river, its already destroyed sections and those that are still really wild. The viewer is presented with Sava’s wild past, dark history, colorful present and uncertain future, which will be anything but easy with 12 new dams planned.

The film was directed by Rožle Bregar, the main cinematographers were Mitja Legat and Rožle Bregar, the editor Denis Artač, the film composer Janez Dovč, the animations were contributed by Maja Poljanc, the animations were edited by Mitja Legat and Toni Stanovnik, the sound was edited by Grega Švabič, the accompanying text was written by Rok Rozman and the music was contributed by Le Serpentine, Brencl Banda and Katalena. The documentary is joint venture of the production house Leeway collective and a co-production by Vizualist and LegitFilms.

Along with the film, we also presented our book debut. Sava in Slovenia – kayak guide is the first such literature in Slovenia and on 162 pages it presents all 251 km of the Slovenian Sava and divides it into 16 kayak stages.

The film will now start touring at summer events and open-air cinemas along the Sava in Slovenia, and then move to cinemas and many domestic and international film festivals in the autumn. More information about the screenings will be available in the coming days on our website and social media pages.

Thank you all for a wonderful evening!

Photo: Katja Jemec, Balkan River Defense & Aleš Rosa, Šiška Cinema