Rivers are the veins of our planet. They hosted the world’s first civilizations and nourished humanity and wildlife since the dawn of time. In the ‘new age’ we somehow lost the gratitude towards them and started seeing them as dangerous torrents that need to be harnessed, tamed and destroyed. The only benefit we now see in rivers is hydropower.

Europe is damned in more than one sense. All that is left untouched in the Old Continent is condensed in the Balkan Peninsula. There, rivers still flow free and support abundant and diverse life. However they are under threat of an unprecedented dam craze. These rivers are The Undamaged. And we are fighting to keep them like they are; astounding, pristine and undammed!

The upcoming full-length documentary will expose the story of Balkan Rivers that were the red line of the Balkan Rivers Tour–the project that was and still is the biggest European river conservation action. When fighting for the justice and paddling with a purpose you can’t avoid seeing that that nature conservation is Rock’n’Roll and feels so right.

Coming Fall 2018 with the Balkan Rivers Tour 3!

Film creators: Rožle Bregar, Matic Oblak, Rok Rozman, Miha Avguštin, Dalibor Kazija, Svetlana Dramlić

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