Eight years after our first Balkan Rivers Tour the same concept managed to bring people to Tirana again. More than 1.500 people from 37 villages signed the pipe petition as it toured through the Sushica Valley!

It is great to see the charge is still strong and that the locals are still super determined, but it’s at the same time sad to realize governments and developers see no problem or obstacle in harming now National Park on Vjosa and tributaries.

“The construction on site must stop immediately. This project will destroy a whole valley by leaving the people, livestock, and land without water. We will not allow this to happen, we are determined to stop the construction if we are not heard today. We are not against water for Himara, but we are a national park region, and we can’t let this happen to our Shushica”, says Lela Qejvani, a local activist.

More info in how to get involved:…/a-pipe-for-prime-minister…