Local sheriffs have been actively transforming the Soča Valley into Disneyland for several years, and their latest project has gone a step further. In the Trnovo gorge (between Trnovo and Kobarid), which is protected by Natura 2000 and at the same time declared a natural heritage and natural monument, illegal construction was recently undertaken. Despite the prohibition and disagreements by the Institute for Nature Protection of the Republic of Slovenia, they started (and almost finished) the works that reopened the abandoned road from Italian occupation and enabled access to the most remote pool of the Soča River by car. During the works stones, rocks and trees were barbarically pushed down the slope all the way to the Soča, which perfectly illustrates their attitude towards the nature of this beautiful valley. Of course, their plans don’t end here; they are also planning to set up a footbridge right across the Otona pool (Soča between the source and the confluence with the Idrijca, where it is protected, already has 32 bridges and footbridges) and to arrange this section for commercial rafting.

Every hidden corner should be made accessible by car, selfie platforms and cash registers should be arranged everywhere to collect the entrance fee. There are no laws, protected areas or regulations for them. Nothing is sacred to them, there is only business. When is enough enough?

More information in the article by Slovenian National Television: