Rok and the BRD team have traveled to festivals, outdoor shops and events to share the story of BRT over the last couple of years. Interactive and entertaining slide shows (presented with complete honesty and zero filter) entertain audiences with the whole BRD story but also challenge people to think and take action for themselves.

Presentations take people on the journey…from how Rok took the plunge and dove into this crazy project to how the team pulled together BRT 1 and BRT 2. Presentations also outline why hydro is dirty  and how we got our story into the spotlight of international and nations media attention. These events helped share the story of BRT but also inspired and reminded people that anyone can make a positive change. You just have to take a leap.

It is our hope that people leave with some guts and motivation, maybe even inspiration to take on a project or cause that they feel passionate about.

If you want to hear Rok’s entertaining and honest chat about BRT and BRD, contact us via info@balkanriverdefence.org and we will try and set up a presentation.

Dates and locations yet to be announced…

Patagonia Shop – Banff, AL, CAN: Mar 10th
Patagonia Shop – Victoria, BC, CAN: Mar 21st
European packraft meet up – Camp Liza, Bovec, SLO: May 4th
Faculty for social sciences – Ljubljana, SLO: May 8th
IEDC school – Bled, SLO: Jun 6th
Paddle Expo – Nürnberg, GER: Oct 4th 
Hotel Jezero – Bohinj, SLO: Nov 26th 

Balkan Business Analysis – Nova Gorica, SLO: May 15th
Soča River Knight – Kobarid, SLO: May 25th
Resistance against dams in the Balkans Conference – Banja Luka, BIH: June 18th
How can biologists help defend rivers in the Balkans? – Kamp Koren, Kobarid, SLO: June 27th
Deutscher Alpenverein – Munich, GER: Jul 5th
Anne Frank Realschule – Munich, GER: Jul 6th
Ranč Mrcina – Bohinj, SLO: Aug 17th
Knjižnica Bena Zupančiča – Postojna, SLO: Nov 8th
Outdoor Activists tour – Kendal, main presentation, UK: Nov 17th
Paddlesports Session – Kendal, UK: Nov 17th

Patagonia office – Amstedam, NL: Feb 28th
Kamp Koren – Kobarid, SLO: May 12th
Patagonia office – Amstedam, NL: May 31st
Patagonia Shop – Milano, ITA: Jun 5th
Bioblitz Mura – Veržej, SLO: Jun 9th
SAZU – Ljubljana, SLO: Jun 16th
Outdoor Show – Friedrichshafen, GER: Jun 19th
Soča Outdoor Festival – Tolmin, SLO: Jun 30th
Una event, Bosanska Krupa, BIH: Sept 6th
Outdoor Activists tour – Manchester, UK: Oct 24th
Outdoor Activists tour – North Wales, UK: Oct 25th
Outdoor Activists tour – Kendal, Secret Sessions, UK: Nov 17th
Outdoor Activists tour – Kendal, main presentation, UK: Nov 18th
Outdoor Activists tour – Kendal, basecamp talk, UK: Nov 18th
Patagonia Shop – Prague, CZ: Nov 22nd
BAMS congress – Ljubljana, SLO: Nov 24th
TEDx Ljubljana – Ljubljana, SLO: Dec 4th

Eco Albania – Tirana, ALB: Jan 22nd
DOPPS – Koper, SLO: Jan 26th
ROTARY – Škofja Loka, SLO: Jan 28th
Plezalni center Ljubljana – Ljubljana, SLO: Feb 3th
Plezalni center Ljubljana – Ljubljana, SLO: Feb 10th
Šeše – Solkan, SLO: Feb 22nd
Triglav National Park – Bled, SLO: Feb 24th
Kino Šiška – Ljubljana, SLO: Mar 1st
University Ljubljana, Geography – Ljubljana, SLO: Mar 2nd
Rudno Polje – Pokljuka, SLO: Mar 8th
University Ljubljana, Biology – Ljubljana, SLO: Mar 9th
Rudno Polje – Pokljuka, SLO: Mar 15th
University Ljubljana, Sports – Ljubljana, SLO: Mar 16th
Triglav National Park – Kobarid, SLO: Mar 18th
ŠTUK – Maribor, SLO: Mar 21st
DOPPS – Koper, SLO: Apr 5th
Triglav National Park – Bled, SLO: April 16th
Premik Sežana – Sežana, SLO: May 27th
Drava Festival – Maribor, SLO: Jun 12th
Bled Water Festival – Bled, SLO: Jun 16th
Eko dan Soča – Solkan, SLO: Jun 18th
Soča Outdoor Festival – Tolmin, SLO: Jul 1st
Outdoor Show – Friedrichshafen, GER: Jul 13th
Patagonia store – Cortina, ITA: Jul 23rd
Tivat municipality – Tivat, MNE: Sep 8th
Tara Kayak Fest – Kamp Grab, MNE: Sept 23rd
DOPPS – Ljubljana, SLO: Nov 3rd
Patagonia shop – Montebelluna, ITA: Nov 5th
Find your feet – Hobart, AUS: Dec 20th
BOFF – Bovec, SLO: Dec 29th