Current government of Republic of Slovenia and some individuals are trying to portray the current situation by saying that anyone protesting against them and their actions is a part of extreme left wing political option trying to crash them. Movement Balkan River Defence and the Leeway Collective (NGO runing it) are refraining from defending any political orientation and are publicly declaring that we are not and have never been connected or in touch with any political party and we do not intend to do so in the future. We have been protesting against left wing government and their destructive decisions in 2018 and we will do our best to protest and stop the current right wing government’s decisions in 2020. We do not care who is attacking the rights of nature and people, what we care is how to stop deeply mistaken and destructive decisions taken under the pretence of handling current epidemic situation, by connecting with people and organizations which recognize that we all drink water and need nature to sustain ourselves. This is not a battle of right against left or the other way around, this is a battle of common sense against dictatorship and the denial of basic rule of law and democracy. The only segment that has a potential to go beyond political division is our environment. We truly hope this will happen.

The Balkan River Defence team and Insitute Leeway Collective